Sassy Italian Restaurant

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What the client says

“I have never worked with someone as proactive and passionate as Richard. He is an indispensable member of our team.”

The Business & DigitalReach Services

My client, Sassy Italian Restaurant, is a restaurant based in Melbourne offering a unique Italian dining experience.

The business owner Ele approached me to grow awareness of his business and attract new customers. 

He came on board using my SEO and Local SEO services to develop his Google Business Profile and website visibility in search results. 

The Strategy

To move my client towards their goals, I implemented the following initiatives to drive the results you’ll see below:

  • Compiled comprehensive keyword research and created a list of target keywords
  • Created new copy and optimised existing pages throughout the site
  • Optimised their Google Business Profile to boost conversions
  • Conducted outreach to external sites to help promote event nights
  • Listed the business in industry-relevant directories
  • Set up and optimised the business on Apple Business Connect
  • Develop a review strategy to increase trust and credibility
  • Built links from authoritative sources to my client’s site

The Results

Over one year, the website saw a 140% increase in total users, which led to 2,731 conversions. This growth was significant and made a considerable difference working with DigitalReach

Regarding off-page SEO, my local SEO services massively boosted the client’s Google Business Profile. This boost led to a 255% increase in direction requests to the business address, an impactful difference from the previous year.

The images below show the results of my work through Local SEO services and WordPress SEO

Healthy ranking results for a local business search term.
Through new content writing and optimised design I have been able to position the Google Business Profile in position 1 across Melbourne.
No conversion tracking was in place prior, which meant measuring the site’s performance was impossible. I was able to set this up to get accurate results.
Vast differences in site visitors and overall performance.
The number of sessions the website received compared to 2022. The 2022 drop-off in July was the switch over to Google Analytics 4.
We implemented a review strategy to build credibility and trust. Between January 2023 and January 2024, we collected 570 reviews.

What the Future looks like

Ele has greatly appreciated the consistent work over this period, which continues to bring new customers through the door. He has also acknowledged my proactiveness to seek new ways of outshining the competition to drive results for him. We’re both excited of where things continue to go and look forward to more great results.

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